Diana Lens

I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with different types of cameras.  From disposable to polaroid to smart phones, I find it fun to try out new types of photography.  For Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a Diana lens for my Nikon DSLR.  I’ve been eying the Diana film camera for a while, but kept having second thoughts because of the lack of my Holga camera usage.  Even though there is a completely different experience when using film cameras, I still like having my photos easily available and having no limits when using a digital camera.  The Diana lens is a perfect fit for me to still experiment with the toy camera effect without having to go through the process of developing film.

Here are a few photos from my first test run.  The lens creates very soft and dream-like photos.  For these, I inserted a piece of construction paper with a small hole between the lens and the camera to create the vignetting.  It’s challenging to get the lighting and focus correct, but I love the effect! I can’t wait to take these lens out again!

Taken with Diana lens on Nikon D90