NYC. Part II (the food)

Of course I have to dedicate a whole blog post to just for the food I ate in NYC.  Although my trip was fairly short (3 days, 4 nights) I definitely wanted to try as many restaurants and foods as I could!  Pulling pictures from my Instagram feed, Camera+ (and one photo from my friend’s camera), here are some pictures as well as a list of what I ate in NYC.


I arrived in NYC Thursday night and met up with two of my high school friends.  They took me to a Korean restaurant called Pocha 32, located in Midtown West.  Unfortunately, the only photo I have is from my Instagram, but this was a very interestingly decorated restaurant with soju bottle caps hung from nets on the ceiling.   We ate a spicy stew and savory pancakes, both which were delicious.  Everyone around us had watermelon soju served in watermelon shells– that’s something I’d definitely want to try try if I come back.

Pocha 32 interior. Taken with Instagram on iPhone 4.


Part of Friday was a solo adventure since my friend Linda had to go to school during the day.  My first stop was SOHO to of course, do a bit of shopping.  When I got hungry for a mid-morning snack, I ducked inside of Dean & Deluca, a specialty grocery store I only heard of from my friend who jet-setted to NYC all the time and came back with all sorts of scrumptious goodies.  I decided to try the lemon poppy muffin but before digging in, I thought, wow this is way too pretty to eat!  When I finally did take a bite of the muffin, I was surprised at how delicious a simple muffin could be! I love lemon pastries and the sour yet sweet frosting was perfect for me.

Dean & Deluca’s lemon poppy muffin. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

For lunch, I somehow ended up near NYU in Greenwich.  I stopped at a super casual middle eastern joint called Eva’s Restaurant and got myself the vegetarian platter.  The food tasted very authentic– and this restaurant made me like falafels!  (Sorry for the blurry picture.  It’s the only one I have and I really like the lighting)

Eva’s Restaurant’s vegetarian platter. Taken with Instagram on iPhone 4.

When Linda got out of class, we met up and decided to try cheesecake at Carnegie Deli, as recommended by our other friend.  This place was surely a tourist trap as we were charged all sorts of fees for wanting to share one slice of cheesecake.  We ordered the Truffle Torte Cheesecake which was so humongous and so bad for my lactose intolerant tummy– and I didn’t even like it.  But it did look pretty.

Carnegie Deli’s truffle torte cheesecake. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Dinner on Friday was probably the most memorable meal of my trip.  Which is ironic because it’s the only dish I don’t have a picture of.  My iPhone died too early, but fortunately, I was was able to borrow my friend’s camera for a quick snapshot.  Ippudo‘s ramen.  We waited TWO HOURS for a seat but I think it was worth the wait.  I’ve tried a few ramen places in the Bay Area, but the broth somehow all tastes the same to me.  However, Ippudo definitely stood out. (I mean, for $15 a bowl, it better stand out!)   I ordered the Akamaru ModernThe original “Tonkotsu” noodle soup topped with Ippudo’s secret “Umami Dama” miso paste, pork chashu, cabage, kikurage, scallions, and fragrant garlic oil. And it was DELICIOUS.  I’m usually pickier about the noodles than the broth, so when I saw that I received thin noodles while my friend got thicker noodles, I thought I was going to be bummed out.  But nope, everything about this was perfect.

Ippudo ramen. Taken with my friend’s point and shoot camera, edited with Camera+ on the iPhone 4.


On Saturday, I wanted to explore Chelsea Market, which closely reminds me of SF’s Ferry Building.  It’s a long stretch of restaurants, specialty foods, and all sorts of odd and ends.  On top of all of the food, the building itself was also very interesting.  According to wikipedia, the building used to be a biscuit factory where the Oreo cookie was invented and made.  Here, I purchased two of the famous Fat Witch Brownies, tried Amy’s Bread, sipped an americano at Ninth Street Espresso, and ate lunch at The Green Table.  Oh, and I almost forgot–we discovered The Filling Station which had all sorts of odd flavors of olive oil, vinegar, and salt.  The white truffle salt was extremely tasty.  Gosh, my taste buds were blown away with that salt!

Fat witch brownies. Taken with Instagram on iPhone 4.

Amy’s Bread. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Amy’s Bread. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Ninth Street Espresso. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Ninth Street Espresso americano. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Exterior of The Green Table. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Burger and sausage at The Green Table. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Salt from The Filling Station. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.


Before going to the the Natural History Museum we visited Levain Bakery in the Upper West Side as suggested by our friends.  This place was literally a hole in the wall that produced AMAZING and gigantic cookies.  I bought the chocolate walnut cookie that took me two days to eat, and it was soooo good.

From inside of Levain Bakery. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Chocolate walnut cookie from Levain Bakery. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

All weekend, Linda had been telling me about the famous chicken & rice from the Halal carts found at every street corner.  I finally had the chance to try  it on Sunday.  All I remember is trying to eat this on the sidewalk while my hands were completely numb, and our food going instantly cold.  But nevertheless, it was still quite delicious.

Chicken and rice from the Halal cart. Taken with Instagram on iPhone 4 and edited with Camera+.

Next, we had Magnolia Bakery‘s banana bread pudding.  This was introduced to me during my previous trip to New York and during this trip, I knew that I HAD to come back for this.  I can’t further explain how much I love this pudding which unfortunately I don’t even have a picture of.

Magnolia Bakery’s banana bread pudding. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

And finally, my last meal was at Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown, famous for their xiao long bao (soup dumplings).  Linda and I had to awkwardly share a large round table with six rowdy boys, but nevertheless, we had way too much good Chinese food.

Xiao long bao from Joe’s Shanghai. Taken with Camera+ on iPhone 4.

Overall, I think I had a pretty good taste of the local NYC food.  One thing I didn’t eat (but did have during my previous trip) was New York pizza.  I think the cheesecake and the pudding were more than enough lactose for my tummy to handle.  Even though I overly complained about the freezing cold weather, I do want to go back to NYC to explore again.  Good thing my friend’s optometry schooling lasts a few years (:

One thing that I have to do next time is to use my DSLR.  I should probably stop ditching the thing for my iPhone.  I keep using different apps and filters so all my photos aren’t uniform which bugs me.  But hey, that’s the trade off for not having to carry an extra three pounds with me everywhere!

For the complete set of my photos, click here.