My trip to NYC. Part I (The sights)

A few weeks ago, I visited my long time friend who is studying optometry in NYC.  I had a great time when I visited another friend three years ago, so I was pretty excited for this trip.  I’ve always been intrigued by the hustle and bustle of the urban city life with all of the tall skyscrapers, different types of people, and oh-so-many foods to try.

HOWEVER, despite all of the great activities I did while in the city and the fun times I had with my friend, I have now discovered that I would never be able to live in NYC!  I could barely stand the (sunny) late-March weather.  40 degrees + wind is not so cool.  My ears were frozen, my hands were numb, and my feet were freezing even with my super thick socks!  I’ve always had bad circulation so I thought I was prepared with my big coat and gloves, but my body doesn’t seem to like the cold no matter what.  Guess I’m a CA girl for life (:

So bringing my DSLR around to places is always a conflicting decision for me since I hate carrying around heavy items.  For this trip, I made up my mind to squeeze my camera into my carry-on and committed to taking nice photos to document my trip.  However, when it came time to bundle up to leave my friend’s house and to trek onto the subway and into the jungle, I did not whatsoever want to carry around an extra three pounds.  Thankfully, the iPhone 4’s camera was a perfect and convenient replacement.

Here is a photo journal of my favorite picks.

Part I- the sights.  Part II will be the foods I ate.  These were all taken with my iPhone and edited with Camera+.

Plane ride SFO->JFK

The lovely view from Roosevelt Island where my friend lives

Lomography store that I was really excited to find


Warhol at NY MOMA

Beautiful Grand Central Station

Interesting architecture

I loved Chelsea Market

High Line

A nice walk on High Line

View from High Line

American Museum of Natural History

Display at the American Museum of Natural History

View looking towards Central Park

Flight back home

Wonderful SF (:

For the complete set of my photos, click here.