Flea market treasures

Over the lovely three day weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to explore the Alemany flea market.  We loved going to the flea market in San Luis Obispo and were both excited to see what San Francisco had to offer.  Turns out, I found a TON of awesome items that I thought would be nice for my future apartment.  I really love vintage finds and the Alemany flea market had a wide variety of trinkets and treasures.

My “treasure box” with vintage matches, old pamphlets, a Fentons milk bottle, and some cool keys.

Red tool box, an SF welcome map, and old baking and cooking pamphlets that I absolutely love.

Cool toolboxes that my boyfriend found.

My favorite find- old matches. The designs and fonts on these are too cute. I seem to have a blue and pink theme going.

Awesome camera that still had half a roll of unused film!

Taken with a Nikon D90

Overall, the flea market was a success!  We are definitely going back.  I can’t wait to find more cool stuff (and not junk!) for my hopefully near future SF apartment.