Lemon Bars on Brown Butter Shortbread

I was excited to come back home today to find that my Tartine cookbook had been delivered. I flipped through the book and was in awe with the beautiful photographs and the seemingly simplicity of the ingredients involved in each recipe. Since I didn’t have too much time to bake today, I chose a less complicated recipe to try out earlier this afternoon. I decided to bake the Lemon Bars on Brown Butter Shortbread. This was my first time making lemon bars or any kind of custard, and I found the process wasn’t too difficult. The hardest part for me was probably figuring out what pie weights were and franticly trying to find as many coins around the house as I could to use instead.

The result?  A little too sour.  The recipe called for 1 cup + 2 tablespoons of lemon juice plus some lemon zest.  In addition, you have to add a ton of sugar to balance with the lemon, but maybe I just had a too-sour batch of lemons.  Overall though, I thought this was a successful first time for lemon bars!  I still gobbled down two of these despite how sour they were (:

Taken with a Nikon D90