My love for baking

I’m not sure when my love for baking began, but I remember my first baking photography shoot. I was in high school and had found an amazing recipe from for gooey cinnamon buns.  These tasted so good and I couldn’t believe that I was able to commit three hours into making something that happened to turn out so perfect!  I now still love to bake and find great joy in being able to self-satisfy my sweet tooth (: On top of that, I also love photographing baked goods!

I recently found an interesting chocolate cookie recipe from Saveur magazine that was originally from a New York Times cookbook.  This is no ordinary chocolate chip cookie as both the texture and the ingredients differ from your normal soft and chunky-chocolate type of cookie.  The cookies are very flat, crispy, yet chewy, and have an interesting mixture of chocolate, nuts, and butter.

The recipe calls for shaved chocolate which I learned is NOT easy to make! Attempting to shave a large piece of chocolate using a slicer/grater is hard work.  On top of that, I accidentally shaved three times the amount needed, but I guess this means I won’t have to go through sticky hands and sore forearms again the next time I make these!

I recommend this recipe for those who like a thin, buttery, and crunchy bite.  The cookies are delightful!

Taken with a Nikon D5000 (shortly before I returned it for a D90)

First post!

I’m very excited to finally have a new blog.  The last time I had (and regularly maintained) a photography blog was mostly during my high school days.  My xanga blog began in 2005 (mid-high school) and lasted until 2008 (mid-undergrad)–which was when college seemed to have taken over most of my life.  Now with the exams, group projects, and crazy late nights all pushed out of the way, I seem to have gotten my photography vibe back!

Since I don’t have my new photos with me at the moment, here’s an old photo I took during a short trip to Seattle in October.

Taken with iPhone 4 on Camera+